Monday, September 1, 2008

Grant Park: Magdalene - by Dessa Kirk

Magdalene - by  Dessa Kirk
Location: Congress Triangle Garden ..
Congress Parkway, Grant Park..
Dessa Kirk created the Magdalene sculpture specifically for its Congress Parkway site. In the summertime, the sculpture becomes part of the surrounding garden with vines and flowers that fill up the skirt of her dress.
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Dessa Kirk created this sculpture after the success of her nearby Daphne sculptures that were part of the Chicago Park District’s Art in the Garden exhibit in 2004. The Daphne pieces have been permanently installed in the Northerly Island. For more on Daphne Garden in the Northerly Island .. click here ..

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Dave Sandell said...

I love these statues. I think the one here is called Magdalene. The Daphnes are at Northerly Island along the walking path. My favorite "best kept secret" in Chicago.

Jyoti said...

Thanks Dave , for the information ...

Do point out if there are mistakes .. or ... some additional information is always a welcome.

Frank Zurek said...

I've been trying to figure out the artist for a while now! Thanks for posting this! I still remember finding the one's at Northerly Island, great sculptures.

I only wish they were facing east; it seems more appropriate to face the sunrise.