Sunday, June 28, 2009

AIC: The Lions [By Edward Kemeys]

The Lions..
Sculptor: Edward Kemeys
Installed: 1894
Description: Bronze
Location: The Art Institute of Chicago ..
Gift of Mrs. Henry Field to The Art Institute of Chicago ..

Two bronze lions guard the entrance to The Art Institute of Chicago. They have been a symbol of the museum for over 110 years ... since 1894. The building was erected to house an international congress held in conjunction with the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893. During the fair, Edward Kemeys exhibited the plaster studies for the sculptures. The finished bronze sculptures were installed one year later in 1894.

Larger than life-size, the lions are realistically depicted, but have inspired more affection than fear over the years. Their poses are similar although not identical; one is “on the prowl” and the other “stands in an attitude of defiance.”

These lions are prepped-up for different occasions, like wear festive wreaths during Christmas or the Bears/ Black Hawks helmet when the team wins..

Black Hawk helmets
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Bears helmets

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Anonymous said...

I was told that my great-grandfather installed these statues. Would you have any idea on how to verify this information?
Thank you.