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The Pioneer Court

The Pioneer Court is a small plaza located near the junction of the Chicago River and Upper Michigan Avenue in Chicago's Magnificent Mile ... It was developed cooperatively by the Chicago Tribune and the Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States in commemoration of the pioneers who contribued to Chicago`s birth, growth and greatness.

The plaque reads..
Pioneer Court..
A project developed cooperatively by the Chicago Tribune and by the Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States in commemoration of the pioneers whose names, selected by the Chicago Historical Society for the contributions of Chicago's growth and greatness, are set in bronze in the base of the fountain..
Dedicated June 23, 1965..

25 such pioneer names were selected by the Chicago Historical Society. These names were set in bronze near a fountain that used to exist here, but no longer exists.
These names are..
Jane Addams, Philip Danforth Armour, Daniel Hudson Burnham, Richard Teller Crane, John Crerar, Steven A. Douglas, Marshall Field, William Rainey Harper, Carter Henry Harrison, Gurdon Saltonstall Hubbard, William Le Baron Jenney, John Kinzie, Cyrus Hall McCormick, Joseph Medill, Walter Loomis Newberry, William Butler Ogden, Potter Palmer, George Mortimer Pullman, Julius Rosenwald, Martin Antoine Ryerson, Jean Baptiste Point Sable, Charles Henry Wacker, Aaron Montgomery Ward, John Wentworth, John Whistler.

Among them are seven who arrived in Chicago before 1836, namely Gurdon S. Hubbard, John Kinzie, Walter Loomis Newberry, William B.Ogden, Pointe du Sable, John Wentworth and John Whistler ...

The Pioneer Court has many sculptural installations ..

Bust of Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable
By: Kirk Blome
Installed: 2009
DuSable popularly known as "The Father of Chicago", was the first known settler in the area which is now Chicago, Illinois. Du Sable was recognized by the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago as the "Founder of Chicago" on October 26, 1968 ...
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Site of Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable House..
The site is designated a National Historic Landmark and there are many plaques that spell out it's historic significance .. DuSable is known as the "Founder of Chicago"...
# For more on the site of DuSable House here..

By John Kearney
Installed: 2003 ...
Description: Welded Steel Sculpture, Chrome bumpers ...
It is a part of artwork from recycled automobile parts ...
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Jack Brickhouse Memorial..
Jack Brickhouse Memorial "Hey-Hey" ..
By Jerry McKenna..
Location: Pioneer Court,on the Magnificient Mile..
Jack Brickhouse was inducted into the Media Wing of Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, N.Y. in 1983 and 13 other Halls of Fame throughout the nation..
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Temporary Exhibit..
God Bless America..
By Seward Johnson
Installed: 2008
The sculpture is based on one of the most famous paintings in the history of American Art. "American Gothic" [1930] by Grant Wood..
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Temporary Exhibit..
King Lear..
Earlier the sculpture "King Lear" by J. Seward Johnson stood at the spot where where "God Bless America" stands now ..
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Angel Wings of Victoria's Secret!
It's first ever exhibition, at Pioneer Court. Victoria Secret Angel Wings were made famous when supermodel Heidi Klum wore it in Miami fashion Show, 2008. At 10 feet these are the second largest wings she ever wore, the largest were 12 feet!
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# Bust of DuSable - by Erik Blome..
# Site of DuSable House..
# Moose - by John Kearney...
# Jack Brickhouse Memorial - by Jerry McKenna..
Temporary Exhibits:
# God Bless America - by J. Seward Johnson..
# King Lear - By J. Seward Johnson..
# Victoria's Secret Angel Wings..

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