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Public Art in the Grant Park ...

Grant Park is often called Chicago's "Open Front Yard" ... This 319 acres of open space has a large number of sculptures, monuments, fountains, gardens ....
Location: It is bordered on the north by Randolph Street, on the south by Roosevelt Road, on the west by Michigan Avenue and on the east by Lake Shore Drive.

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This post is on the public art pieces in the Grant Park ..

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# At the NORTH END of Grant Park has the state-of-the-art Millennium Park ... with many artistic highlights like Jay Pritzker Pavilion [left image] Cloud Gate, Crown Fountain, Lurie Garden ... and others ...
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# At the SOUTH END of the Grant Park is the world's largest Museum Campus ... with three world class museums ... the Shedd Aquarium, The Field Museum and the Adler Planetarium ... A large number of Public Art pieces are scattered in the Museum Campus

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# To the south of the Millennium Park is the Art Institute of Chicago which has a huge collection of public art pieces ...

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# In the CENTER is the magnificient Buckingham Fountain ..
which is surrounded by four figurine fountains and rose gardens ...
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# Four Figure Fountains [Rose Garden] ...
Crane Girl, Dove Girl, Fisher Boy, and Turtle Boy ... adorn on the ground surrounding the Buckingham Fountain ...
Sculptor: Leonard Crunelle
Location: Grant Park Rose Gardens... surrounding Buckingham Fountain, at the head of Congress Pkwy.

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# Daphne [Congress Triangle Garden] ...
Sculptor: Dessa Kirk
Location: Congress Parkway, Grant Park ..
Dessa Kirk created the Madalene sculpture specifically for its Congress Parkway site. In the summertime, the sculpture becomes part of the surrounding garden with vines and flowers that fill up the skirt of her dress.

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# The Bowman and The Spearman [Congress Plaza Garden]
Sculptor:Ivan Mestrovic
Installed: 1928
Location: Grant Park, Michigan Ave. at Congress Pkwy.

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Eagle Fountain [Congress Plaza Garden]...
Sculptor: Frederick Cleveland Hibbard.
Location: Congress Plaza, Michigan Ave. at Congress Pkwy.
A part of Chicago Public Art Program ..

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# Lincoln Statue / Sitting Lincoln [North President's Court] ...
Sculptor: Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Architect: Stanford White designed the enormous 150-foot semi-circular exedra ..
Unveiled: 1926
Location: Grant Park .. in the area designated as the "Court of Presidents" ..

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Artists and Automobiles [South President's Court]...
A series of sculptures by 5 Chicago artists...Mary Brogger, Ted Garner, Dessa Kirk, John Mason and Lucy Slivinski.
Location: South President's Court in Grant Park, located at Columbus Drive and Congress Avenue across from Buckingham Fountain ...

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Bust of Sir Georg Solti ...
Sculptor: Dame Elisabeth Frink ...
In fact, the bust of Sir Georg Solti has been relocated from Lincoln Park to Grant Park .. The idea was to attract visitors with lunchtime concerts in a memorial garden

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Theodore Thomas Memorial / The Spirit of Music ..
Sculptor: Albin Polasek (1923)
Location: Chicago’s Grant Park on the corner of Balbo and South Michigan Avenue, near the Hilton Hotel.

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Monument of General John Logan
Sculptor: August Saint-Gaudens with the assistance of Alexander Phimster Proctor ..
Unveiled: 1897
Chicago's Logan Square is named after him... John Logan was an Illinois based Civil War general, later serving as Senator from Illinois from 1871-77, and from 1880 until his death in 1886 ..

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Bust of Aaron Montgomery Ward ...
In 1872, Aaron Montgomery Ward establishes the nation's first mail-order business at Clark and Kinzie Streets. The first catalog consisted of a single-sheet price list offering 163 items. The company adopts the slogan "Satisfaction Guaranteed." In fact, he was the first retailer in the United States to guarantee satisfaction to his customers. By 1904, the catalogs weighed a hefty four pounds each and were mailed to three million customers.

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Agora ...
Sculptor: Magdalena Abakanowicz [Polish sculptor]...
Location: Grant Park, intersection of S. Michigan Ave. and Roosevelt Road, Chicago ..
Agora is a Greek word for "meeting place" ...

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Rosenberg Fountain ..
Sculptor: Franz Machtl [German sculptor]
Installed: 1993 ... restored in 2004 ..
Location: Grant Park .. intersection of Michigan Ave & E. 11th St. (1000 S) .. Chicago, IL 60605 ..
It reads, “Presented by Joseph Rosenberg San Francisco, Cal.”

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Reading Cones ..
Sculptor: Richard Serra
Installed: 1990
Description: Two freestanding 17-foot tall curved steel walls
Location: Petrillo Bandshell and Butler Field, Grant Park ..
South of E. Monroe Dr. (100 S.) and east of S. Columbus Dr. (301 E.) ..Chicago, IL 60603 ..

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Dave Sandell said...

Thanks for posting this. I went to see Agora last year and somehow didn't notice the Rosenberg Fountain which appears to be right next to it.

I know it's not in Chicago, but you should do a pictorial of the sculpture gardens along McCormick Ave, I think between Church St & Devon in Evanston/Skokie/Chicago. Some cool pieces up there.

Jyoti said...

Hi Dave,
Thanks for visiting this place and dropping a few lines.

Yeah Rosenberg Fountain is right next to Agora ... In the photo, you can see the headless armless figures in the background ...

Thanks for your advise. I sure would like to cover McCormick Ave.

I wish I had more spare time ..

Otto Rascon said...

I love the Agora statues - weird and silly at the same time. Thanks for posting.

Jyoti said...

@ Otto I love Agora too!!!