Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lincoln Park: Grandmother's Garden

Grandmother's Garden
Location: Stockton Dr & Webster St, Chicago, IL 60614 ..
Image above: Blue Siberian Squill [Scilla siberica] that has naturalized over many decades blooming under Cornelian Cherry trees .. in the spring of 2009 ..

The marker at Grandmother's Garden reads ...

The undulating beds of Grandmother's garden have flourished on this Lincoln park site since the early 1890's. This naturalistic garden may have originally been created by Carl Stormback, Lincoln Park's head gardner of the late 1880's and early 1890's. Grandmother's Garden was consciously juxtaposed to the formal "French style" garden surrounding the conservatory directly across the street. An article published in 1900 explained that one could not find a better example of the two contrasting styles. It suggested that while Grandmother's Garden was a "profusion of flowers of all kinds combined according to color and foliage, "the Formal Garden was an arrangement of set forms and conventional designs." Additionally, this is a perennial garden, while the Formal Garden is composed of annuals.
Historically, the Grandmother's Garden was also known as the Old English Garden.

Shakespeare Monument ..
Sculptor: William Ordway Partridge ..
Installed: 1893..
Continued from the marker in the Grandmother's Garden ..
In 1893, when a William Shakespeare Monument was bequeathed to Lincoln Park by Samuel Johnson, director of the Chicago Railroad Company, the Old English Garden was considered a fitting site. A competition to design the monument was won by sculptor William Ordway Partridge, who had studied hundreds of portraits and busts of the Bard of Avon.
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Here's "Queen of the Prairie" [Filipendula rubra] blooming in the garden in summer, 2009 ..

# William Shakespeare's Monument - by William Ordway Partridge..
# Check out the map of Lincoln Park ..

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