Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bronzeville - Monument to the Great Northern Migration

Monument to the Great Northern Migration ..
Sculptor: Alison Saar
Description: Bronze .. Height: 15ft
Installed: 1996 ..
Location: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. at 26 Pl ..
City of Chicago Public Art Collection ..

This bronze figure is a testament to the thousands of African Americans who migrated to Chicago in the early 20th century in search of greater freedom and opportunity. The traveler's hand is raised in salutation to his new home. his other hand carries a worn suitcase symbolic of his journey, dreams and talents. The bollards surrounding the monument are also suitcases that are textured with a pattern derived from the tin ceilings of the era
The figure is oriented to the north symbolizing the traveler's destination.

The plaque reads ..
Monument to the Great Northern Migration ..
This bronze monument depicts a man wearing a suit made of shoe soles rising from amount of soles. The soles worn and full of holes symbolize the often difficult journey from the south to the north. It commemorates all the African-American men and women who migrated to Chicago after the Civil War.
Alison Saar, Sculptor ..
City of Chicago Public Art Collection ..
Richard M Daley, Mayor ..
1996 ..


MGBen said...

As a Bronzeville resident, and a third generation African-American Chicagoan, I hope that the stories of our foreparents will continue to be told with great reverence, because our vitality & relevance as a whole is measured by our ability to move forward with the wisdom gained from our past. Thank you for illuminating such a significant milestone in the Black American experience.

Anonymous said...

Going on a driving tour of Bronzeville for a history of Chicago class and this monument is on the list. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

this is such an amazing sculpture to continue passing the rich history of the progress and stories of the people of Bronzeville and America at large.

There is an amazing exhibition being held just down the street from this sculpture that is very much in the same tone.

here's some of the info: