Sunday, September 18, 2011

Contemporary Sculptors of Chicago: Jason Christopher Hawk

Jason Christopher Hawk..
Born: October 29, 1983..

Resuming my series on Contemporary Sculptors of Chicago, after a prolonged hiatus. Here's one of my favourite younger generation sculptors, Jason Christopher Hawk. I met him first in his classroom of SAIC [School of Art Institute of Chicago] where he was a student of Preston Jackson [Then, I was meeting with Preston, to write for my series on Contemporary Sculptors]. Last week, I was at Jason's home-cum-studio-workshop. His classroom days are over. Now he works with two other artists Eric Gushee and Salvador Dominguez at their home-studio. The growth trajectory of each of these artists deserves to be highlighted. However, today, the spotlight is on Jason Hawk...

Above and below images..
Work-In-Progress.. on one of his commission projects for a children's hospital. The wing details of butterflies need to be painted.

Above Image..
The paint spraying of butterflies has left interesting graffiti on the floor of the studio.

When I said, "Jason, smile please, you are standing in front of butterflies. You cannot be all that serious." Somehow I felt that with the persona he eludes, I cannot imagine him making butterflies. To which he said, he frequently has butterflies in his artwork. See one of his paintings below..

Above and below images..
Maquette for another commission project. This one is for Purdue University, curated by S. Thomas Scarff..

Above and below images..
Work-In-Progress of the large-scale piece for Purdue University.

Even this has butterflies..

Here's some more of Jason's work..

Maquette. I would love to see this made on a monumental scale..

I have been fascinated by his body-art and he obliged by showing me his tattoos..

One Giveth..

One Taketh Away..

Jason Hawk and Eric Gushee. Eric will be my focus in another post. Here's a sample of Eric's work..

Eric Gushee's work..

Here Jason Hawk and Eric Gushee can be seen in the classroom with Professor Emeritus Preston Jackson, at the School of Art Institute of Chicago [SAIC].


jason hawk said...

Thanks so much for putting me in your wonderful blog, and thanks for taking the time to come over to the studio... its always a pleasure. i will keep you posted as to when the sculptures you shot are done and maybe you can get some shots of the finished pieces before they go across the country. thanks again. cheers

Jyoti said...

Great meeting you Jason. Keep me posted on the developments..