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Oregon Sculpture Trail [Community Art Legacy's program "Ten in Ten"]

Community Art Legacy
Ten Sculptures in Ten Years
The Community Art legacy [CAL] was formed in 2004 by a group of Oregon citizens with the purpose of installing "ten sculptures in ten yers" in the Oregon area. It was formed under the initiative of Jeff Adams, sculptor and foundry operator of inBronze Foundry in Mt. Morris.

Their guiding motivation was expressed by sculptor Lorado Taft when he said, "The hometown is the dearest place on earth. Why not make is more beautiful".

Here are some of the sculptures under CAL's Ten in Ten program
  • From the Waters Comes My Bounty - by Ray Kobald [2005]
  • Agriculture, Mother of Civilization - by David Seagraves [2006]
  • Cornball - by Howard Russo [2007]
  • The Bountiful Bench - by Christina Murphy [2008]
  • Solar Reef - by Andrew Langoussis [2009]
  • Making Hay - by David Ingebritson [2010]
  • Harvest Hunter - by Matthew Donavon [2011]

From the Waters Comes My Bounty
- by Ray Kobald
Installed; 2005
Location: Kiwanis Park [201 N 2nd St.]
at the west end of the dam of the Rock River.
It depicts the generosity of the life-giving waters to all things.

Agriculture, Mother of Civilization
- by David Seagraves
Installed: 2006
Location: The Judicial Center, west of Court House
She personifies the fertility of the earth and Ogle county.
The Cornball
- by Howard Russo
Installed: 2007
Location: Coliseum, north of Court House
It represents the increased global impact of corn to the world.

The Bountiful Bench
- by Christina Murphy
Installed:  2008
Location: Lawn of Oregon Public Library
Inspired by the beauty of Rock River, the woman of nature and her coverlet hold the produce and natural bounty of the area.

Solar Reef
- By Andrew Langoussis
Installed: 2009
Location: Oregon West Park [1402 Koontz Place]
It represents the sun, the source of all energy, and through it can be seen the Court House and Oregon.

Making Hay
- by Daniel Ingebritson
Installed: 2010
Location: Stillman Bank, north of IL Route 2
It captures the dynamic movement of the farmer's strokes of the scythe through the hay.

The Community Art Legacy [CAL] holds a competition each year in which sculptors submit maquettes [models] of work to the theme of the Fields project, "bringing art and agriculture together".  The winning sculptor receives a prize of $2,000 and then enlarges the maquette to a "lifesize" sculpture which is then molded and cast in bronze. the sculptor also receives the molds from which additional sculptures can be cast.
Funds for the program are given and pledged by friends and members of the community  over the 10 years of the program. ownership, installation and maintenance responsibilities are assumed by the entity where the sculpture is placed. Thus the inspiration and work of CAL will have added 10 sculptures to the Oregon Sculpture Trail when finished.

NOTE: When we visited Oregon, on June 26, 2012; seven of the ten sculptures, were already installed. We saw six out of seven. The sculpture we missed is "Harvest Hunter", by Matthew Donavon [2011]. Maybe when all ten are installed, it will be a time to visit again!

A Day Trip to Oregon: Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Part I: Lorado Taft
[The Eternal Indian - by Lorado here..
& works by artists at Eagle Nest Colony at Oregon Public Library]
Part II: Community Art Legacy Program
Part III [Paths of Conviction, Footsteps of Fate - by Jeff Adams]
The Eternal Indian - by Lorado Taft] 

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