Thursday, November 15, 2012

CPD and CSI 2012: Part V [Promontory Point and Harold Washington Park / For 23rd International Sculpture Conference]

Chicago Park District [CPD] and Chicago Sculpture International [CSI]
Present 64 largescale outdoor sculptural installations

CPD and CSI Outdoor Exhibition

 My Pi - by John Adduci
Location: Promontory Point
Passion - by John Bannon
Location: Promontory Point

Hawk and Dove - by Margot McMahon
Location: Promontory Point

 Mangoo for Lord Buckley - by Ted Sitting Crow Garner
Location: Promontory Point
Cercatore - by Ron Gard
Location: Promontory Point

 Lacuna - by Sarah Deppe
Location: Promontory Point
Talk Talk Smile- by Leslie Bruning
Location: Promontory Point

Strut- by Eric W. Stephenson
Location: Promontory Point

 Diva- by Ruth Aizuss Migdal
Location: Harold Washington Park

 Southern Cross - by Barry Tinsley
Location: Harold Washington Park

 Vortex - by Micheal Young
Location: Harold Washington Park
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There are 64 sculptural installations long the Lakefront and in Lincoln Park. I am dividing the coverage into five parts..
Part I: Grant Park [along the Lakefront] .. click here..
Part II: Lincoln Park .. click here..
Part III: Lincoln Park.. click here..
Part IV: Diversey Harbor & Belmont Harbor.. click here..
Part V: Promontory Point & Harold Washington Park.. click here..
For the Google Map of installations.. click here..

23rd International Sculpture Conference.. click here..
Chicago Sculpture International.. click here..

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