Monday, September 13, 2010

The Drexel Fountain [By Henry Manger, 1881-82]

Drexel Fountain..
By Henry Manger..
Restored: 1970..
Believed to be one of the earliest monuments in the city..
The four sided bronze base is decorated with Neptune and harvest Goddess figure..

Upon this elaborate pedestal is the life-size sculpture of Francis M. Drexel.. A Philadelphia broker and banker who, although may have never set his foot in Chicago, donated a wide driveway through land he owned here with the understanding that it was to be used as a boulevard bearing his name. His sons Francis A. and Anthony Drexel erected a statue in their father's memory.

Ref: A Guide to Chicago's Public Art..
By Ira J.Bach and Mary Lackritz Gray..

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Anonymous said...

what is the significance of the other two panels besides the Neptune and Harvest panels