Monday, October 22, 2007

Brunswick Bldg. Plaza [ Miro's Chicago - by Joan Miro]

Miro's Chicago ...
Sculptor: Joan Miro
Designed: 1963
Unveiled: 1981..
Description: Steel, wire mesh, concrete, bronze and ceramic tile ..
Height: 39 ft.
Location: Brunswick Building Plaza..
Cook County Administration Building, 69 W. Washington St.

This was initially called "The Sun, the Moon and One Star" and later renamed Miró's Chicago ..
From the City of Chicago's, Public Art Program website..
The playfully poetic images of Joan Miró’s art comprise a private mythology derived from the artist’s memories of his homeland in Catalonia, Spain. Using his unique visual symbolism, Miró imbued this sculpture with the mystical presence of an earth deity, both cosmic and worldly. Shapes and forms found in this composition evoke celestial imagery and common objects. The bell-shaped base draws the viewer’s gaze downward, symbolizing Miró’s association of the female form with the earth. The sphere at center represents the moon while the shape of the face is derived from that of a ceramic hook. The fork projecting from the top of the head is symbolic of a star, with individual tines representing rays of light...

Miro's sculpture is right across from the Daley Plaza, with the famous Picasso sculpture, as seen the the above image
For Picasso's sculpture, click here...

Check out the maquette for Miro's Chicago at the Art Institute of Chicago.. click here..

For a better understanding of Miro's style, check out some of his paintings at the Art Institute of Chicago.. click here...

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# Maquette for Miro's Chicago [at The Art Institute of Chicago]


Kirti said...

Very cool sculpture...I'm sure it's even more impressive in person!

let'stry said...

I was there and it's really amazing! So it is the Picasso at the farmers market. Awesome city!!! If you have the chance to visit Chicago, don't miss the chance to visit the city, it has endless beautifil places.

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