Monday, June 4, 2007

Christopher Columbus Monument

Christopher Columbus..
Sculptor: Carl Brioschi..
Installed: 1933
Description: Bronze figure, H 15 ft.
Location: Grant Park, Columbus Dr. at Roosevelt Rd.
Dedicated on Italian Day in 1933 at A Century of Progress, [the city's second world's fair] from the Italian-American Commuinity of Illinois ..

- Bronze statue of Columbus as he surveys the horizon, with a map in hand..
- Relief symbols of the Santa Maria, one of the 3 ships that sailed to the “New World.”

An inscription on the marble base records the historic flight of aviator General Italo Balbo and his squadron of seaplanes across the Atlantic, from Italy to Chicago. Sculptural embellishments in relief roundels on the pedestal illustrate Columbus’ ship, the Santa Maria; his tutor Toscanelli, who taught him the world was round; Amerigo Vespucci, for whom the new world was named and the city seal of Genoa, his birthplace. The busts at the four corners signify faith, courage, freedom and strength.

The City of Chicago official website describes..
Its sculptor, Carl Brioschi [1879-1941], was born in Milan and received his training in art in Italy before immigrating to New York at the turn of the century. He settled in Minnesota, where he also sculpted a Columbus monument for the State Capitol Building. Brioschi’s Chicago monument not only commemorated the arrival of Christopher Columbus [1451-1506] to the New World, but also conveyed the spirit of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal during the Great Depression..

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