Friday, July 23, 2010

Milwaukee Art Museum: Argo [by Alexander Liberman]

By Alexander Liberman
1974/ painted steel cylinders and unspooling ribbon..
What I found particularly intriguing, is that it looks complete only from one side, from the Baumgartner Gallery looking towards the Lake.. from other sides it looks pretty incomplete.
# For more on the Quadracci Pavilion at the Milwaukee Art Museum, click here..

3 comments: said...

Great photos. We are building a website to help raise awareness of the underground art scene in Milwaukee and other cities. We would be thrilled if you gave us permission to use one of your photos in the Milwaukee section. Here is where the photo is located: Milwaukee Public Art. If you do not want it there we can remove it immediately.

Jyoti said...

Hello Art-City,
You will have to take down the photo! I am not at all happy, because
[1] You never took permission, when I clearly have specified "Please do not use any image without written permission"..
[2] There is no photo credit
[3] There is no blog-link..
If you do not take the image down, I will go ahead and make a formal complaint about Copyright Violation!
- Jyoti said...

Sorry about that. We have removed the photo. When possible we like to use photos from independent photographers like yourself to help promote their work. Sorry if we jumped the gun in assuming you would not mind. You are actually the first one we have come across that was against it. Sorry Again. (by the way the photo was on our site for less than 24 hours)