Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hubbard Street Murals - VI

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Hubbard Street Murals - VI ...
Between N. Racine Avenue and N. Ogden Avenue ..
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Recessive Genes - by Monica Brown [2003],
with assistance from Ron Fielding

Chicago Wildlife - by Johannes Plagemann [2003]

Fantastic Chicago Botanical Gardens -
by Daniel Cascardo and the Dearborn Painters [2003]

iger Eyes - by Meridee Hodges,
with assistance from Freddie, Luis, Noe and Jimmy Montano [2003]

Frog - by Jim York [2003]

Birdseye View - by Patti Reese [2003]

Grow Peace - by Daniel Cascardo,
with assistance from Pete Cramblit [2003]

Dodo on a Blueberry Hill - by Vesna Lazar [2003]

City Cow - by Leslie Berish [2003]

e Turtles - Various community volunteers,
led by Jessie Smith-Larson and Caryn Mitchell [2002]

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this pictures of The Hubbard Street Murals.
I was one of the artists whose mural was completed in the summer of 2005. The previous year I had participated restoring panels and helping other artist to complete their murals. Then in April of 2005 City at Work invited artist to submit artwork for the Murals to be completed that year. My submission was accepted and in June 2005 I started painting the Mural. My mural depicts a group of seals on a rock. It was definitely a pleasure and an honor to work with such dedicated group of artist and volunteers