Sunday, May 16, 2010

AIC: The Old Dragoons of 1850 [By Frederic Remington]

The Old Dragoons of 1850..
By Frederic Remington [1861-1909]
Modeled: 1905, Cast: 1905/09

The marker reads..
The Old Dragoon on 1850 is another feat of Frederick Remington's technical achievement. Stretching, twisting men and horses move at top speed, depicted by Remington in an arrested moment of time. The complex sculpture suggests the chaos of eyewitness observation, yet it also achieves the choreographed monumentality and unity of synthetic composition. Remington designed his three dimensional works after the drawings and photographs he made on his trip to the West, and the ability to freeze motion photographically undoubtedly fed the force dynamism of his sculpture...

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