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The Runners Dedication Ceremony [Sep 13, 2011]

The Runners, by Theodoros Papagiannis.. ..

Tuesday, September 13, 2011..
Dedication Ceremony of The Runners, by Dr. Theodoros Papagiannis..
Location: O'Hare International Airport.
Donated by the Athens Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International and supported by Chicago's large Greek-American community, the work depicts five runners emerging from antiquity into the modern world. Installation began in March along the I-190 south side embankment and was completed in April.

Commissioner Rosemarie Andolino [CDA / Chicago Dept. of Aviation]..

Commissioner Michelle Boone [DCASE / Dept. of Cultural Affairs and Special Events]..

Jon Rodgers [Chicago Gateway Green]

Leroy Allala [Sister Cities] with Maria Luisa Rodriguez [Sister Cities] honoring Demetrios L. Kozonis [Chairman of Athens Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International Program]

Ioanna Efthymiadou [Consul General of Greece in Chicago]

The Invocation of Blessings..
People on the stage are.. Apart from the priest..
Demetrios Kozonis, Ioanna Efthymiadou, Leroy Allala, Bill Curtis, Rosemarie Andolino, Michelle Boone, [help with name please] and Bill Rodgers..

Bill Curtis [MC, Master of Ceremonies], who concluded with the words..
Let the running begin..

Some other images from the day..

One of my favourites from the day [dont miss the ready-to-land aircraft in the backdrop]

I love this photo. Wonder what's going on with the fists?? Looks very interesting!!
I need help with the names here..
I know a few names of poeple on the left..
Sotiris Rekoumis, Leroy Allala, Demetrios Kozonis, Jon Rogers, Ioanna Efthymiadou.. [not sure of other names]

From left..
Maria Luisa Rodriguez, Lucas Cowen, Elizabeth Lee Kelly, Debra Purden, Christopher Gent, Leroy Allala, Heather Korpella, Jon Rodgers..

Look who is being interviewed.. Dr. Elizabeth Lee Kelly [Director of Visual Arts/Public Art Program].. I know how much she loves being behind-the-scene. But when spotlight is thrust upon her, she is just fabulous..

Christopher Gent and Debra Purden..

Maria Rodriguez and Chrisoula Kozonis..

Vickie Kozonis and Maria Kozonis..

Demetrios Kozonis and Sotiris Rekoumis..

Media and Press..

I have been so closely associated with this project. This latest addition to the rich and diverse collection of Public Art in Chicago, will always have A Very Special place for me..

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