Thursday, February 2, 2012

Morbid Curiosity: The Richard Harris Collection [Jodie Carey - "In the Eyes of Others"]

In the Eyes of Others..
By Jodie Carey
plaster, steel, wire..
This 13 foot high chandelier is made of 3,000 handcrafted plaster bones..

In this creation, Jodie Carey revisits the Dance of Death theme for the contemporary audience. The chandelier would fit into a grand building, but the plaster-cast bones hold no glory, reminding the viewer that the rich and the mighty meet the same fate as ordinary people. This modern reinterpretation of the vanitas theme shows how potent this idea remains in our own time.

Here's Richard Harris giving a guided tour of the exhibition.

It's huge..

And arguably, the center piece of the show..

Some details..

If it interests you, here's a rather strange link on bone churches [called ossuaries] in Europe..
Bone churches in Europe..

Morbid Curiosity: Richard Harris Collection
Location: Sidney Yates Gallery at the Chicago Cultural Center..
January 28 – July 8, 2012
Curator: Lucas Cowan
Co-Curator: Debra Purden
Director of Exhibitions: Dr. Elizabeth Lee Kelly..
Presented by Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events in partnership with the Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture..

Morbid Curiosity: Richard Harris Collection..

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