Saturday, February 19, 2011

Loop Clocks

Father Time of Jewelers Bldg..
Address: 35 East Wacker..
Originally known as the Jewelers Building..
Father time is made by Elgin Watch Company.
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Peacock Clock..
Location: State and Monroe..
Part of the charm of this Peacock Clock is other peacock embellishments in the vicinity, like in revolving door of the C.D.Peacock store and the jewelery repair storefront decorations..
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Great Clock of Marshall Fields..
The first of the Marshall Field's great clocks and was installed at the corner of Washington and State Streets on November 26, 1897. It soon became Chicago's landmark.
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Exelon Plaza Clock..
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Chicago Board of Trade Bldg. Clocks..
The Chicago Board of Trade [CBOT} building has two noteworthy clocks..
[1] CBOT Clock.. With adorning sculptural relief work by Alvin Meyer..
[2]CBOT Clock with CBOT logo..
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# Father Time of Jewelers Bldg..
# Peacock Clock..
# Great Clock of Marshall Field's..
# Exelon Plaza Clock..
# CBOT Clocks...


dusty said...

did you know one of our sculptors fixes some of the big clocks downtown?!

Jyoti said...

@ Dusty..
WOW!I have no idea!
Who does it?

Spudart said...

great series!

Jyoti said...

Thanks Matt!