Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Urbana Champaign, Illinois

A Day Trip to Urbana-Champaign, Illinois..
July 3, 2012..

The trip is divided into four parts..
[1] Part I  [UIUC Campus] .. click here...
[2] Part II [ Krannert Art Museum and Kinkead Pavilion: Outdoor Sculptures].. click here
[3] Part III  [Krannert Art Museum: Lorado Taft]   click here
[4] Part IV  [ Wendell Sculpture Garden in Meadowbrook Park].. click here..

Some more details..
UIUC Campus
Alma Mater - by Lorado Taft.. click here
Fragments of "Fountain of Creation"- by Lorado Taft.. click here
Diana Fountain - by Carl Milles here
Eternal Flame.. click here

McFarland Memorial
Morrow Plots click here...
Darwin's Playground - by Anthony G. Tasset.. click here
Argonaut III - by Ed McCullough.. click here
Aurora I - by Bruce White.. click here
Tree of Life Fantasy - by Alice Aycock
Night Train - by Michael Dunbar.. click here
Nathan Austin Weston Memorial
Centennial - by Robert Youngman .. click here..

Mananaan - by Alexander Lieberman click here
Computing A Future - by J. Seward Johnson Jr., click here...
Upwells - by Stephen Luecking.. click here..
Science and Arts - by Charles A. Beil and Leon Hermant

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