Saturday, June 12, 2010

Exelon Plaza [Four Seasons - By Marc Chagall]

Four Seasons..
By Marc Chagall...
Mosaic sculpture/ 70 feet long x 14 feet high x 10 feet wide..
Location: Exelon Plaza / The First National Plaza..
at Dearborn and Monroe streets...
It was initially left open to the elements. However in 1994 a protective glass canopy was installed ...
It was a gift to the City of Chicago by the artist and his devoted friends, Chicago philanthropists William and Eleanor Wood Prince.
Chagall was present when the mosaic was dedicated on September 27, 1974 ... In fact he had arrived in Chicago several weeks earlier from his studio in France to oversee final details of this massive five-sided mosaic, which depicts the changing seasons of Chicago. He meticulously designed the 70-foot-long mosaic of countless thousands of tiles, which were then assembled by two assistants. The colorful glass and stone used to construct it came from Italy, France, Norway, Belgium, and Israel.

A month after Chagall was here, another of the 20th century's best-known artist, Alexander Calder, arrived at the Federal Center Plaza atop a white-and-gold circus wagon drawn by 40 horses to dedicate his bright red Flamingo.. click here.. a 35-ton steel sculpture.

Also at Exelon Plaza..

The Exelon Plaza Fountain click here..

The Exelon Plaza Clock click here..

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