Saturday, June 2, 2007

City of Chicago "Public Art Program"..

In 1978, the City Council of the City of Chicago passed a Percent-for-Art ordinance that requires 1.33% of the construction or renovation budget for City-owned buildings be set aside for artwork on the premises. It maybe commission or purchase of artworks for those buildings. The purpose of this law is to provide the citizens of Chicago with an improved public environment by enhancing city buildings with quality works of art by professional artists.

Also in 1978, the Chicago Public Art Program was established to implement the city's Percent-for-Art Ordinance, enacted in 1978.
The Public Art Program ...
- recognizes the importance of the artistic expression of local and international artists..
- desires to enhance its public structures and environment through artwork located in public places ...
- will enhance Chicago's stature as a national leader in public art ..

The Department of Cultural Affairs is charged with administering Percentage-For-Art law in cooperation with other city departments. The result of this cooperation is the establishment of Public Art Committee.

The Public Art Committee oversees the implementation of the Percent for Art Program. Project Advisory Panels are appointed for each site to recommend artists for commissions. These panels bring together architects, arts professionals, community representatives, and city personnel. The Public Art Committee reviews proposed construction projects and determines eligible Public Art Program projects, determines how the Public Art Program funds will be spent for each project, reviews the recommendation of the Project Advisory Panel regarding the artist(s) and artwork(s) to be selected, and makes the final selection of the artist(s) and artwork(s) to be commissioned or purchased by the Department of Cultural Affairs for each Public Art Program project.

The Public Art Programs have been established across the country in 200 states, counties and municipalities, to provide an effective vehicle for the commissioning and placement of such artwork ..

Since this "Public-Art-Program" has been adopted, the public art in chicago has grown by leaps and bounds ...and has enabled Chicago to build one of the finest collections of contemporary public art in the world.

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