Monday, September 1, 2008

Grant Park: Reading Cones - by Richard Serra..

Reading Cones ..
Sculptor: Richard Serra
Description: Two freestanding 17-foot tall curved steel walls ..
Location: Grant Park .. South of E. Monroe Dr. (100 S.) and east of S. Columbus Dr. (301 E.) ..Chicago, IL 60603

From the City of Chicago's Official Tourism Website .. Reading Cones .. click here ..
Sculptor Richard Serra (b. 1939), a highly acclaimed artist from San Francisco, is especially well-known for his large-scale minimalist sculptures made of metal. The material comes in large sheets and his pieces reflect their heavy weight and oxidation process. The 32-ton Reading Cones, named for Reading, Pennsylvania where it was made, is no exception.

The Leo Burnett Company donated this large abstract sculpture to the City of Chicago in 1990 as Serra’s first permanent piece in our city. The Chicago Park District accepted the artwork in 1989, on a temporary basis. At that time, City officials had planned to relocate the sculpture to the entrance of State Street Mall after its renovation was completed. Although the Mall project was finished in 1996, the move has never taken place, and the prominent sculpture remains in its Grant Park location.

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