Friday, August 29, 2008

Van Buren Street Station [Metra]

Van Buren Street Station

Entrance to the Van Buren Street station on Michigan Avenue at the southwest corner with Van Buren Street in Chicago. The entrance was given to Chicago as a gift by the city of Paris in 2001. It is a replica of an Hector Guimard-designed, art nouveau-style Paris subway entrance.

It also is a venue for Temporary Art Exhibits..

Junk, Stripes and Lines with Marshmellows
from the series hard Candy [2009-2013]
- by Helen Maurene Looper
2013/ Archival Pigment Print

Bunny Snail - by Julie Murphy
2014 /  etching, aquatint, gouache paint on paper.

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Christino said...

The Chicago Metra is operational twenty four seven, and can be used to get around in the city, round the clock. There are day passes that can be used for fixed amounts of time, if you want to use the train regularly.