Saturday, June 12, 2010

Exelon Plaza

Exelon Plaza..
Also known as the Chase Tower Plaza
Formerly: First National Plaza ..
Location: Dearborn and Monroe streets...
One beautiful Plaza, two levels deep, with several stairways, a fountain and also the beautiful mosaic sculpture by Marc Chagall named the "Four Seasons". The Chase Plaza is one of the three major plazas between Clark and Dearborn, the other two being Richard J. Daley Plaza and the Chicago Federal Center Plaza.
Art pieces in the Plaza includes:
Mosaic Sculpture "Four Seasons" - by Marc Chagall
A Fountain
A Clock
Exelon Plaza ..
This image has been copied at so many places without permission or photo-credit. Sigh!!!
Mosaic sculpture "Four Seasons" - by Marc Chagall ...

The Fountain ... click here

The Clock .. click here ..


# The Clock .. click here ..
# The Fountain ... click here ..
# The mosaic sculpture "Four Seasons" - by Marc Chagall ...

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