Sunday, March 15, 2009

Loop [Communication X9 - by Yaacov Agam]

Communication X9  (1983) - Yaacov Agam

stainless-steel / 43 feet tall

  Installed in 1983 /  reinstalled after restoration: 2008 

 Location: 150 N Michigan Ave ... 
 Intersection of Michigan Ave and Randolph Street, in the Loop

 This op-art totem pole represents movement in art as one can notice subtle changes in color as one walks by.

Controversy over restoration ... In the 1980s, Israeli artist Yaacov Agam was commissioned to create a sculpture at 150 N. Michigan Avenue .. However, over time the Chicago weather faded the work. In 2005, the current owner hired an expert to restore the multi-hued work to its original look. In 2008, the piece was restored ... The artist Yaacob Agam is said to be unhappy with the restoration because he believes the colors were not restored to the exact shades he originally used. For more information on the controversy read: Suffering for Art .. I thank Dubi Kaufmann for the information on the artist ...


Unknown said...

it is the work of Yaakov Agam yet he thinks he was being ripped off.

Jyoti said...

Hi Dubi
Thanks a lot for the information. I appreciate it a lot.