Friday, March 27, 2009

Museum Campus [Three forms for Chicago - by David Nash]

Spheres Turn, Pyramids Rise, Cubes Stay Still ..
Three forms for Chicago ...
Artist: David Nash ..
Loan of the artist to the City of Chicago Public Art Collection ..
Installed: 2000
Location: Museum Campus, northwest side near Lake Shoredrive ...

Wood sphere: Diam 8ft
Pyramid: H 16ft x W 10ft
Cube: H 10ft x W 8ft

A British sculptor of international renown, David Nash works primarily with wood. His sculptural form often elemental in nature, realize the subtle balance form and medium and speak of the collaborative relation with the earth. "Three forms for Chicago" comprises of three geometric sculptures made from recycled wood indigenous the the Midwest. The charred patina was achieved after the installation by burning the works. A direct comment on the relationship of man with nature, Nash's sculpture is a passionate plea for awareness of this relationaship and the responsibility that comes from such awareness ...

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Anonymous said...

You need to update your list of sculptures. The new ones are really good.

Jyoti said...

Thanks for comment!
yes I will ... Long overdue ..