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Public Art at the Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago is a treasure trove of world renowned paintings and sculptures, and although whats inside of the building won't qualify as being "public" art; what's outside of the building does ...
Here's some outstanding pieces of public art at the Art Institute:

The Lions..
Sculptor: Edward Kemeys
Installed: 1894
Description: Bronze
Gift of Mrs. Henry Field to The Art Institute of Chicago ..
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Fountain of the Great Lakes..
Sculptor: Lorado Taf ..
Bronze work created between 1907-1913.
Location: South Garden at the Art Institute of Chicago...
An allegorical sculpture, this fountain represents the five great lakes.. The five women are so arranged that the water flows through them in the same way water passes through the Great Lakes.
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Landscaped south garden..
Landscape architect: Dan Kiley
A beautiful serene garden in the heart of downtown.. There are granite planters with hawthorn trees in orange gravel.. A perfect getaway from the busy Chicago traffic. I love this garden..
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Large Interior Form..
Sculptor: Henry Moore
Installed: 1983 ..
Description: Bronze /H-16.5f
Location: North Garden of the Art Institute of Chicago..
Large Interior Form appears abstract but actually represents the human figure..
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Cubi VII..
Sculptor: David Smith
Installed: 1963
Location: North Garden of the Art Institute of Chicago..
This is part of a Roman numeral series of stainless steel works housed around the world, being the seventh in the series... The strength and weight of Cubi VII are counteracted by the awe-inspiring balance of its forms, leaving the viewer marveling at the dichotomy between material and form..
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Flying Dragon..
Sculptor: Alexander Calder..
Installed: 1975
Description: Painted steel plate ..
Location: North Garden of the Art Institute of Chicago..
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The Margot and Thomas Pritzker Garden..
Commonly called the Pritzker Garden..
Named for long-time and generous supporters of the Art Institute.
The garden features the sculpture "White Curve" by Ellsworth Kelly ..
It's the largest work Kelly has made to date and is in the Art Institute’s Modern Wing..
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Fountain of the Tritons..
Sculptor: Carl Milles ..
Location: McKinlock Court at the Art Institute of Chicago ...
Sponsored by the B. F. Ferguson Monument Fund..
McClintock Court was landscaped in 1924. By 1931 the court was remodeled so the Fountain of the Tritons could be installed. This court is open for dining during the summer months..
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The Nicholas Bridge..
A pedestrian bridge connecting the Modern Wing [of the Art Institute of Chicago] to the Millennium Park.. crossing over the Monroe Street..
The bridge opened May 16, 2009.
Architect: Renzo Piano ..
Description: approximately 620 ft long and 15 ft wide.
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Chicago's Stock Exchange Arch..
Designed by Louis Sullivan..
The east entrance of the Art Institute of Chicago is marked by the stone arch entrance to the old Chicago Stock Exchange. Designed by Louis Sullivan in 1894, the Exchange was torn down in 1972, but salvaged portions of the original trading room were brought to the Art Institute and reconstructed.
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Public Art at the Art Institute of Chicago..
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# Cubi VII [by David Smith] .. click here..
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# Fountain of the Tritons [by Carl Milles].. click here..
# The Nicholas Bridgeway [by Renzo Piano].. click here
# [Original] Chicago Stock Exchange Arch
# Swami Vivekanamd Way.. click here..

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