Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lincoln Park: Formal Garden [Schiller Monument - by Ernst Bildhauer Rau]

Johanne Christoph Friedrich von Schiller..
by Ernst Bildhauer Rau [1839-75]
Installed: 1886..
Location: Lincoln park - Formal Garden/Southern end of the Conservatory Garden..
East of Stockton Dr at Webster Avenue..

# Lincoln Park: Conservatory and Formal Garden..


Anonymous said...

Amazing wealth of information. I noticed that the Schiller Monument is the work of Ernst Bildhauer Rau. In German the word Bildhauer means sculptor and that is what Ernst Rau, 1839-1875) was. While he is listed as a significant Bildhauer, Ernst Rau is not given a middle name in his official biography in the Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie, 1888.

Anonymous said...

I'm Rolf Achilles. I had no intention of being anonymous but found it was the only way to list a comment without joining the blog.