Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pioneer Court [Jack Brickhouse Memorial - by Jerry McKenna]

Jack Brickhouse Memorial "Hey-Hey" ..
by Jerry McKenna
Location: Pioneer Court .. on the Magnificient Mile ..

The marker reads ..
Jack Brickhouse,
Hall of Fame Broadcaster

Inducted into Media Wing of Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, N.Y. in 1983 and 13 other Halls of Fame throughout the nation.
Broadcaster for Chicago Cubs - 40 years,
Chicago White Sox - 27 years,
Chicago Bears - 24 years,
1st TV voice for Chicago Bulls.
1962 - play-by-play announcer for 1st satellite telecast. Recipient of Local and International awards for Pope Paul VI papal audience.
EXCLUSIVE Broadcast interviews - 6 Presidents.
4 Honorary Doctorates. 2 Autobiographical Bestsellers: "Thank You for Listening" and "A Man for All Seasons".

1934 - Entered broadcasting profession in hometown of Peoria - age 18, becoming youngest sports announcer in the nation.
1946 - Broadcaster for New York Giants - one season.
1948 - 1st voice on WGN-TV.
1979 - Reached milestone of 5,000 broadcasts for WGN Radio and TV.
No baseball broadcaster WILL EVER televise as many games as Brickhouse. Continued broadcasting until his retirement from the booth - 1981.

Brain tumors do not discriminate.
Jack Brickhouse was one of the thousands who battled a brain tumor. The disease is complex, effective treatment is challenging.
The American Brain Tumor Association exists to eliminate brain tumors through research and education..

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Anonymous said...

Nowhere have I seen Jack Brickhouse Memorial covered in so much detail. Well done.

- Sharon

Anonymous said...

The Chicago Baseball Museum is helping repair the statue. See the story on its web site --

Nancy said...

Love Chicago such a great town!