Friday, September 18, 2009

Chicago Gateway Green Project [ Arris - by John Henry]


Arris - by John Henry

Installed: 1975

Description: Aluminum, H 42 ft. x W 15 ft. x D 15 ft.

Location: Cermak Rd. and Indiana Ave. Located adjacent to McCormick Place

Commissioned by Amalgamated Trust and Savings Bank 

Arris serves as a gateway into Chicago’s downtown. This gateway location is landscaped and maintained through a unique partnership between the City of Chicago, the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, the Illinois Department of Transportation and Chicago Gateway Green.

Arris establishes a strong visual dialogue with the landscape. The sculpture seems to dissolve into the surrounding environment .. It has thousands of pounds of metal suspended in midair, making them seem light and fluid. Arris is constructed of high strength aluminum beams, assembled at geometric angles to one another with sophisticated engineering techniques ..

Note that "Arris" close to another piece of public art, "Shark Bench" .. by Barry Hehemann .. click here ..

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Brianbobcat said...

Arris was removed when the Marriot Marquis was built. Where did it go? Was it sold or moved?