Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chicago's Chinatown

Chinese are the largest Asian group in the United States .. and Chicago has the 4th largest Chinatown in the United States. If I'm not mistaken the largest Chinatown is in San Francisco, followed by New York, Boston and then Chicago.
Places of interest in Chicago's Chinatown ...

Chinatown Gate..
Address: Built across Wentworth at its junction with Cermak
Installed: 1975
Architect: Peter Fung
Conceived by civic promoter George Cheung ..
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Pui Tak Center Building..
formerly known as the On Leong Merchants Association Building ..
Completed: 1928
Architects: Christian S. Michaelsen and Sigurd A. Rognstad .
Designated a Chicago Landmark on December 1, 1993..
Pui tak means to cultivate and enhance virtues..
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The Nine Dragon Wall..
A shortened version of a famous glazed tile wall in Beijing's Forbidden City, sponsored by the Chinatown Chamber of Commerce. Although meant as a focus of community pride and as a tourist attraction, the wall serves as a protective influence with nine imperial dragons.
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The Cermak-Wentworth Pavilion..
It is next to the Nine Dragon Wall
Installed in the 1990's ..
Built with funds from the Taiwan government and local sources ..
The land, at the northeast corner of Cermak and Wentworth Avenues, was donated by the Chinatown Parking Corporation..

Chinatown Square Plaza ..
The plaza is in the southern central part of Chinatown ..
The plaza has twelve statues, one for every animal in the Chinese zodiac calendar ..
There are also two pagodas..
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Mural "Chinese in America"..
Part of Chinatown Square..
Artists: Zhou Ping and Yan Dong
Description: 8-ft high X 38-ft wide..
This mosaic was finished at the same time as the rest of the square in 1993. 100,000 individually cut pieces of hand-painted glass were cut and painted in China specifically to be used in the construction of this mural here in Chicago. The mural depicts the history of Chinese immigrants in the U.S.
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# Chinatown Square Zodiacs..

# Ping Tom Memorial Park..

Chinese Christian Union Church [CCUC]..
Address: 2301 S. Wentworth Avenue
It serves both as a church and an elementary school.
CCUC owns the Pui Tak Center and uses the facility to conduct classes for Sunday school, immigration orientation center, and other social services.
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St. Therese Church..
Address: 218 West Alexander Street just west of Wentworth Avenue..
In the 1950s the church began to attract more and more Chinese Catholic worshipers while the Italian congregation declined in numbers. In 1963 the building was passed on to St. Therese Chinese Mission, founded in 1940 and at first based in a rented store on Wentworth Avenue...
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