Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mural "The Wall of Day Dreaming and Man's Inhumanity to Man"

The Wall of Daydreaming and Man's Inhumanity too man..
Location: Interesction of 47th Street and Calumet Ave..
on 47th Street Blues District, Bronzeville neighborhood..
In 1975, the Chicago Public Art Group coordinated the painting of this mural. The mural is the result of collaboration among four artists ..
Paintings by William Walker, Mitchell Caton and Santi Isrowuthakul.. and..
Poetry by John Pitman Weber
It was renovated in 2003, by Dayton Reed..

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An African American and a Caucasian dancing..

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 A Jazz musician..

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An African Nationalist and a Klan [Ku Kux Klan] member pointing gun at each other..

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-Greed and poverty among both African American and Caucasion, and [what appears to be] Dr Martin Luther King Jr. shot..

2 Pray
4 Wisdom
2 Love Myself
2 Know 2 Love
U-living 2 Learn
the Music 2 express
My love 4U-2U
UR the 1 right here
that I Am 2 Love
there is no greater Purpose
I can conceive
Come N2 my Love
May we create The Spirit of Peace
give Peace 2 the World
it all goes back to GOD..

Man's Inhumanity to Man..

I know UR tormented
tremble your heart seek GOD
4 the rededication of your temple
7 levels of spiritual elevation
UR pure of dirty Blues
suffered 2C straightway
Then the epths of sky & ocean
waters - Blues pure as out faith
NGOD 2 redeem
2 cleanse4 our Blues
N2 Praises
connecting our Souls
U Me God
Our Ancestors..

Back to the Walls by Jeff Huebner..


Anonymous said...

I recently went to this mural:

the word you are missing is

U R *pure* of dirty blues

Jyoti said...

Thanks Laoidhigh!