Sunday, October 11, 2009

Funding of Public Art in Chicago

[I] Public funding of public art in Chicago..
- City of Chicago's Percent-for-Art Program ..
- State of Illinois, Capital Development Board's Art-in-Architecture Program ..
- U.S. General Services Administration [GAS] Art-in-Architecture Program ..
# Part I: Public funding of public funding.. click here ..

[II] Private funding of public art..
Many of the public art pieces are privately funded .. through trust funds and gifts by philanthropists.. and some are privately owned ..
- One familiar name is B.F.Ferguson Monument Fund, which has sponsored many public art pieces in Chicago ..
- Gift by philanthropists like Kate Sturges Buckingham, Eli Bates, John Crerar, Lambert Tree, Pritzker family.. among others..
- Some are community based organizations..
- Some are area based organizations..
- Some are gifts by artists..
- Some are privately owned..

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# Part III: Private funding of public art.. click here ..

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