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Gardens in the Grant Park ..

Interestingly, Grant park has many big and small gardens..
# Grant Park Formal Garden
# Congress Triangle Garden
# Congress Plaza Gardens
# The Spirit of Music Garden
# Sir Georg Solti Garden
# South President's Court
# North President's Court
# Buckingham Fountain flower gardens
# Rose gardens
# Cancer Survivors Garden

Grant Park Formal Garden ..
Near Logan Monument ..

Location: S Michigan Ave (100 E) & E Balbo Ave (700 S),
Chicago, IL 60605..
A lovely fountain is the center of this beautiful formal garden. The Logan Monument is situated to the south.
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Congress Trangle Garden ..
Location: Congress Blvd. & Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60604..
This garden has the sculpture "Daphne", by Chicago artist Dessa Kirk ..
# For more on "Magdalene" by Dessa Kirk, click here..

Congress Plaza Gardens ..
Location: Congress Pkwy (500 S) & Michigan Ave. (100 E)
Chicago, IL 60604 ..
This garden lies on the north and south of the Congress Triangle Garden along Michigan Ave. It has the famous Equestrian Indian statues "Bowman and Spearman" by Ivan Mestrovic and two Eagle statues by Frederick Cleveland Hibbard..
# For more on Equestrian Indians "Bowman and Spearman" .. by Ivan Mestrovic, click here..
# For more on "Eagle" statues by Frederick Cleveland Hibbard, click here ..

The Spirit of Music Garden ..
Location: Michigan Ave. & Harrison St., Chicago, IL 60604..
This is another beautiful garden in the Grant Park. It has the famous Theodore Thomas Memorial / The Spirit of Music sculpture by Albin Polasek ..
# For more on the "Spirit of Music" sculpture by Albin Polasek, click here..

Sir Georg Solti Garden ..
This garden has the bust of Sir Georg Solti by sculptor Dame Elisabeth Frink ...
# For more on "Sir Georg Solti" sculpture by Elizabeth Frink, click here ..

South President's Court ..
Location: Columbus Dr.(150 E) & Congress Pkwy (500 S)
Chicago, IL 60604 .
The South President's Court features the exhibit "Artists And Automobiles" ... a series of sculptures by 5 Chicago artists ... Mary Brogger, Ted Garner, Dessa Kirk, John Mason and Lucy Slivinski.
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North President's Court ..
Location: Congress Pkwy. (500 S) & Columbus Blvd. (150 E),
Chicago, IL 60604..
The North President's Court has the famous sculpture "Sitting Lincoln" by Augustus Saint-Gaudens.. It also has a vegetable and herbs garden ..
# For more on "Sitting Lincoln" by Augustus Saint-Gaudens .. click here ...

Buckingham Fountain flower gardens ..
Location: Lake Shore Dr. (Hwy 41) & Congress Pkwy(500 S)
Chicago, IL 60604 ..
There are floral beds around the Buckingham Fountain and also six floral beds are located just east of the famous Buckingham Fountain along Lake Shore Drive.
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Rose Gardens ..
Location: East of S. Columbus Dr. (301 E)
north and south of E. Congress Pkwy. (500 S)
Chicago, IL 60605 ..
On the north and south of the Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain are the rose gardens .. These rose gardens have four circular fountains with bronze figures installed in the center of each ..
The South Rose Garden has Dove Girl and Turtle Boy ..
The North Rose Garden has Crane Girl and Fisher Boy ...
Sculptor: Leonard Crunelle
# For more on Figure Fountains: Dove Girl, Turtle Boy, Crane Girl, Fisher Boy by Leonard Crunelle, click here ..

Cancer Survivors Garden ..
Location: Randolph St. & Harbor Dr. ..Chicago, IL 60601 ..
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