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Site of origin of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871

Site of origin of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 ..
Address: Dekoven and Jefferson Streets
Fire started on October 8, 1871 ..
Since 1956, Chicago Fire Academy, a training facility for Chicago firefighters has been located here ..
The "site of the origin of the Great Chicago Fire" was designated a Chicago Landmark: September 15, 1971 ..

Pillar of Fire ..
In 1961, a bronze sculpture of stylized flames entitled "Pillar of Fire" was erected at the point of origin of Chicago fire ..
Sculptor: Egon Weiner ..

At the base of the sculpture " Pillar of Fire" is written:
Here began the Chicago Fire of 1871 ..

The plaque reads ..
Chicago Landmark ..
Site of the origin of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 ..
The great Chicago fire began October 8, 1871, in the O'Leary barn on DeKoven Street. Fanned by a strong wind, in a city largely built of wood structures, the blaze raged for nearly 30 hours. Flames spread so far as Fullerton Avenue, before finally dying out in the early morning rain, October 10. Almost everything in the path of the fire had been destroyed.
Designated a Chicago Landmark on September 15, 1971 ..
by the City Council of Chicago
Richard J. Daley, Mayor
Commission on Chicago Historical and Architectural Landmarks.

One can walk into the hall of the Chicago Fire Academy and talk to the extremely friendly staff here .. take as photographs of the hall .. AND also see the site of Mrs O'Leary's Home, which is marked with a plaque ..

The plaque reads ..
Mrs. O'Leary's Home
On this site stood home and barn of Mrs. O'Leary where the Chicago fire of 1871 started. Although there are many versions of the story of its origin, the real cause of the fire has never been determined.
Erected by Chicago's Charter Jubilee
Authenticated by Chicago Historical Society 1937...

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