Saturday, June 27, 2009

AIC: [Original] Chicago Stock Exchange Trading Room

Chicago Stock Exchange Trading Room ..
Reconstruction at the Art Institute of Chicago ..
Original built: 1894
Original demolished: 1972
Reconstructed: 1977 ..
Original architects: Adler & Sullivan, 1894
Reconstruction architects: Vinci & Kenny, 1977 ..

The Chicago Stock Exchange was built by one of the city's most important early architects Louis Sullivan, with his partner, Dankmar Adler, in 1893–94. When the Stock Exchange was demolished in 1972, sections of Sullivan's elaborate stenciled decorations, molded plaster capitals, and art glass were preserved from the Trading Room, the magnificent centerpiece of this 13-story structure. Using these fragments, the Art Institute was able to reconstruct the Trading Room in its new wing in 1976–77...

The plaque reads..
The reconstruction and installation of the Trading Rooms from the Chicago Stock Exchange Building designed by the firm of Adler & Sullivan in 1893 was made possible through a grant from Walter E. Heller Foundation.
Mrs. Edwin J. DeCosta, president
6 April, 1977..

Form Follows Function - Louis Sullivan ..
"It is the pervading law of all things organic and inorganic,
Of all things physical and metaphysical,
Of all things human and all things super-human,
Of all true manifestations of the head,
Of the heart, of the soul,
That the life is recognizable in its expression,
That form ever follows function. This is the law" ..

"Forms emerge from forms. All are related, interwoven, intermeshed, interconnected, interblended. They exosmose and endomose. They sway and swirl and mix and drift interminably. They shape, they reform, they dissipate. They respond, correspond, attract, repel, coalesce, disappear, reappear, merge and emerge: slowly or swiftly, gently or with cataclysmic force. And form follows function."

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