Friday, June 26, 2009

AIC: North Garden

The Art Institute of Chicago had two beautiful gardens, with two boring names..
- North Garden and
- South Garden..
The North Garden
Made in 1960, it is also known as the Stanley McCormick Memorial Court. It was constructed by Holabird & Root & Burgee. It was designed, as a sculpture court, by the landscape architect Laurie Olin.

Large Interior Form..
Sculptor: Henry Moore
Installed: 1983 ..
Description: Bronze /H-16.5f
Large Interior Form appears abstract but actually represents the human figure..
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Cubi VII..
Sculptor: David Smith
Installed: 1963
This is part of a Roman numeral series of stainless steel works housed around the world, being the seventh in the series... The strength and weight of Cubi VII are counteracted by the awe-inspiring balance of its forms, leaving the viewer marveling at the dichotomy between material and form..
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Flying Dragon..
Sculptor: Alexander Calder..
Installed: 1975
Description: Painted steel plate ..
Painted in Calder's signature red..

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By Ulrich Ruckriem [ German, born 1938..]
1982 / Granite..

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