Friday, June 26, 2009

AIC: North Garden [Large Interior Form - by Henry Moore]

Large Interior Form ...
Sculptor: Henry Moore
Installed: 1983 ..
Description: Bronze /H-16.5f ..
A gift by the artist to the Art institute of Chicago ...
Location: North Garden at the Art Institute of Chicago.. Also known as the Stanley McCormick Memorial Court..
The North Garden was designed, as a sculpture court, by the landscape architect Laurie Olin..

Large Interior Form appears abstract but actually represents the human figure. British artist Sir Henry Moore tried to create “organisms that must be complete in themselves,” and to give the impression of his sculptures, having grown organically, created by pressure from within.” Referring to the voids common to his sculptures, Moore said that holes make an object look more three-dimensional by connecting one side with the other. The three voids in this artwork were inspired by holes the artist observed in pebbles he found at the seashore.

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