Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chicago's Chinatown

Meet Lemingo aka Deno.
Rap-artist /writer..
Student, studying engineering..

Yesterday, as I was taking some pictures of the Nine Dragon Wall, I heard a voice..
Wait..wait..wait....[and then some mumble I couldn't follow]..
I asked what?
Why don't you take a picture like this..
And then quickly added..No! I'm just kidding..
I was like, Of course you are kidding, but why don't I really take your photos..
I took just 4-5 shots, and here it is.. Meet Deno!
And Deno, since I never took any contact, please email me if you see this!

And that's a perfect segway to talk about Chinatown.. I've earlier covered Chinatown and yesterday I added a few more places of interest in Chinatown.. [And I'm still working on adding more..]

Check out.. [click on the link]..
# Chicago's Chinatown..
# Chinatown Gateway..
# Nine Dragon Wall..
# Pui Tak Bldg. [formerly On Leong Bldg.]..
# Chinese Christian Union Church..
# Chinatown Square..
# Mural "Chinese in America"..
# Chinatown Square Zodiacs..
# Ping Tom Memorial Park..
# St. Therese Church ..

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