Sunday, March 7, 2010

Is it Too Late - by Terrence Karpowicz

Is it too Late..
Artist: Terrence Karpowicz
Description: 9.75’ x 3’ x 3’/Granite, Steel and Polymer..
Sponsor: Sheffield Neighborhood Association
Location: When I took the photographs, it was in front of the Chicago Sun Times Bldg.. Now it's at the intersection of Halsted and Dickens..
Lakeshore Sculpture Exhibit..

Artist statement..
A broken globe sits atop a mound of granite block, offering the viewer an overall look at the desperate state of the world. The international economy, the state of the world community, and of course, the ecologic damage that we continue to inflict are causing our planet to come apart. What was a perfect structure has suffered a tear. The picture is not complete. The damage can still be repaired, but needs to be recognized and steps must be taken. Which leads to the question, “Is It Too Late”?..


Anonymous said...

Jyoti you continue to impress with each new addition to you blog!! Thank you for your dedicaton to Chicago and it's artists

Jyoti said...

I wish I knew the name behind this comment.
Is it Terry?