Thursday, April 29, 2010

Art Chicago, 2010 [Gallery: ChinaSquare, NY]

Art Chicago 2010..
Gallery: ChinaSquare, NY..
Booth: 108
Artist: Alex Guofeng Cao..
Check out his website.. click here..
At a glance, these images are of popular cultural icons.. Upon closer inspection, one can notice that these are made of other tiny images..

These are imposing images, and a closer look makes them even mre interesting.. Like the image of Marilyn Monroe is made up of images of Mona Lisa..
Each one of these images is actually a mosaic of smaller images..
- Stephanie made up of Venus images
- Hepburn made up of Dietrich images
- Marilyn Monroe made up of Brigitte Bardot images..

Below image show even greater close-up of Marilyn Monroe made up of tiny images of Brigitte Bardot.. It's Marilyn Monroe's right eye..

For More on Art Chicago, 2010.. click here...

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