Friday, April 30, 2010

Art Chicago, 2010 [Gallery: Russell Bowman Art Advisory]

Art Chicago 2010..
Gallery: Russell Bowman Art Advisory ..
Booth: 430
Artsits: Various..
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I was particularly interested in the works of Chicago Imagists and their performance at the fair.. and The Russell Bowman Art Advisory Gallery, has plenty of works by Chicago Imagists including works of Roger Brown, Ed Paschke, Karl Wirsum and Barbara Rossi.. and the gallery seems to be doing pretty well, selling some works on the very first day, by that I mean on the Preview Day itself..

Bugs on Face [2002] - Ed Paschke..

Croix [1995]- Ed Paschke

Untitled [1970] - Roger Brown

San Fernando Valley Rift [1995] - Roger Brown

Talk Show Addicts [1991] - Roger Brown..

Fishermen with their Wives and Reflections [1976] - Roger Brown..

Let Your Yellowerd Fingers do the Walking [1981] - Karl Wirsum

Lady Waiting for Dinner [1983] - Barbara Rossi

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