Friday, April 30, 2010

Art Chicago, 2010 [Random sculptural pieces]

Untitled by Joseph Seigenthaler [Carl Hammer Gallery]..

Untitled by Joseph Seigenthaler [Carl Hammer Gallery]..

'Tree' by Carole Feuerman..

Galerie Mark Hachem, Paris..

Galerie Mark Hachem, Paris..

'A History of Lovers' By Sergei Isupov [Ferrin Gallery]..

'Terence' By Michael Ferris Jr. [Packer Schopf Gallery]...

"Hombre Arbol", by Marta Moreu.. [Gallery De Novo..]

Untitled By Niki de Saint Phalle [Nohra Haime Gallery]..

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Alina Bachmann said...

The nude female figure (Title: 'Tree') is by Carole Feuerman

Jyoti said...

@ Alina
Thank You!
I so appreciate your identifying this piece of sculpture. I love it! But had no idea who made it.. Thanks for solving that mystery.

And I see you are an artists yourself. Hopefully will see your work soon..