Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Art Chicago, 2010 [Countercurrents - Various Artists]

Countercurrents.. is the theme for outdoor sculpture exhibits, at the Merchandise Mart, as part of the Art Chicago, 2010..
Location: Merchandise Mart..
Time: Thursday, April 30 - Monday, May 3, 2010..
Opening Preview: April 29, 2010..

Art Chicago 2010, will feature 27 works of large-scale sculpture displayed in interior and exterior public spaces of the Merchandise Mart. Of these 12 installations are by the CSI team, titled “Countercurrents" curated by Mimi Peterson. All these 12 pieces are installed along the New Orleans Street next to the Merchandise Mart.. The installations were completed in a phased manner, although most of them were installed on the very first day, Saturday, April 17th, 2010...
I was there to see the installations on Saturday...
[CSI stands for Chicago Sculpture International [CSI], which is a not-for-profit organization]..

Flamenco.. By Ruth Aizuss Migdal [2010]

Another Thought .. By Mike Brown [2007]

Safety Star.. By Victoria Fuller [2003]

Moonbench.. By Fisher Stolz [2004]

Sky Trail III.. By Bob Emser [2010]

Finish.. By Terrence Karpowitz [2010]

Foxgloves & Fists.. By Nicole Beck [2009]

Scrape.. By Dusty Folwarczny [2010]

Dance.. By Mike Baur [2009]

Under the Milky Way.. By Eric Lindsey [1998]

You can't Keep a Down Man Good.. By Ted Garner [2008]

Abduction.. By Ron Gard [2008]..

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Ted Sitting Crow Garner said...

RE your "Image 7". The piece is titled "You Can't Keep a Down Man Good- For Steve Urry". It's from 2008. I'm the artist, my name is Ted Sitting Crow Garner. (I'm the one in the grey hard hat i most of the install photos.)

Jyoti said...

HI Ted,
Thank You very much for filling in the information. I appreciate your visit.

Although now the position of the images have changes, as I've added a couple more..

Anonymous said...

Looks nice Jyoti. Thanks!

Nicole Beck said...

Hey Jyoti- nice blog here! My sculpture is called "Foxgloves & Fists" 2009. merci beaucoup!

Ruth Aizuss Migdal- said...

Hi ted, I am so glad that you are paying homage to Steve Urrry who was a fabulous sculptor who died to soon.
I am glad to see my sculpture 'Flamenco here.
Ruth Aizuss Migdal