Thursday, April 15, 2010

Du Sable Harbor - IV [Core- loc Armoring Devices]

Du Sable Harbor..
Core-loc Armoring Devices..
Thanks to Lynn Becker, who maintains the popular ArchitectureChicago Plus dailyblog.. for identifying these objects near the DuSable Harbor. I was long perplexed by what these are..
These are Core-loc Armoring Devices, installed in the year 2000, by US Army Corps of Engineers.

From the Chicago park District Website..
In 2000, Westrec, the company that manages the Chicago Park District’s harbors and marinas, installed several Core-loc armoring devices in Grant Park just west of the DuSable Harbor as part of a larger landscape improvement project. Although the concrete objects resemble giant versions of children’s toy jacks, they are actually functional shore protection devices which have been patented by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Hundreds of such Core-loc devices had previously been used to protect the wall along the edge of DuSable Harbor. The ones placed along the park’s grassy knoll no longer serve structural purpose for which they were designed, but they can be seen, instead, as interesting art objects..

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