Thursday, May 27, 2010

AIC: Untitled [Alliance] 2010.. By Roger Hiorns

Untitled [Alliance], 2010..
By Roger Hiorns
EC-135 c aircraft engines, Effexor, Citalopram and Mannitol..

The marker reads..
London based artist Roger Hiorns sculptural objects, installations and performances exploit specific materials to disquieting end, often addressing the symbolic power of culturally "dominant" objects including engines that he extracts from automobiles or airplanes..

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The Art Institute of Chicago...

Personal Comment..
A huge part of me, finds it very difficult to accept this as a piece of art.. At least when I visit an Art Institute, this is not what I have on my mind.. And if there is an art museum with lots of pieces like these, I might reconsider visiting that place for a second time.. Thank heavens, that AIC has a rich diversity, with many art-pieces that I generously admire and it gives me more than enough reasons for repeated visits..

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frankdejol said...

I agree with you on the acceptance of such objects as art.
Especially in an art museum. What else, an installation on the street.