Friday, April 30, 2010

Art Chicago, 2010 [Special Exhibit: Survey America]

Rex Ray's [of Turner Carroll Gallery].. paintings were selected for "Survey America"..

Art Chicago, 2010..
Special Exhibition at Art Chicago, 2010: Survey America..
Art Chicago highlighted the extraordinary works by artists living and working in the United States in Survey America.. Throughout the fair, works that are emblematic of major movements and developments in American art were highlighted with a special plaque, titled, "Survey America"....

200 E Cypress [2009].. By Marc Trujillo [Hirschl & Adler Gallery]

War Eagle - By John Buck [Gallery: Shark's Ink]..

Tree by Carole Feuerman..

Courship Ritual - By Phyllis Bromson..

Hunt Slonems [Thomas Masters Gallery]

Untitled - By Louis Nevelson..[Timothy Yarger Fine Art]..

Bowing Pin Man [2008]- By Mr. Imagination / Gregory Warmack
[Judy A Saslow Gallery]

Vases & Windows - By Betty Woodhouse [Gallery: Shark's Ink]

Declassified [2009] - By James Little [June Kelly Gallery]..

Fairfield Pink [1951] - By Mary Abbott [McCormick Gallery]..

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