Monday, May 17, 2010

Henry Moore

Marquette for UNESCO, Reclining Figure [1957]..
Henry Moore [1898-1986]..
Location: AIC: Modern Wing..

When we talk about modern large-scale public art, the name of Henry Moore stands out..
"I would rather have a piece of my sculpture put in a landscape, almost any landscape, than the most beautiful building I know".. [Henry Moore - 1955]
Moore is famous for monumental sculptures.. His themes are mostly mother-and-child and reclining figures.. and his style is modern, surreal, mostly abstraction of human figures.. and most of his sculptures have holes or hollows, which became his trademark..

Few sculptures by Henry Moore..
- Reclining Figure [AIC: Modern Wing]
- Large Interior Form [AIC: North Garden]
- Man enters Cosmos / Sundial [Adler Planetarium]
- Nuclear Energy [Site of world's first nuclear reactor, University of Chicago]
And all these are related to the Art Institute of Chicago.. "Large Interior Form" is located in the Art Institute itself [North Garden].. whereas "Man Enters Cosmos" and "Nuclear Energy", both were funded by the B.F.Ferguson Fund, which is run by the trustees of the Art Institute of Chicago..

Large Interior Form..
Location: AIC - North Garden..
This piece has grown on me.. When I first saw it, I didn't care much, but now I find it very interesting. It always feels like someone is watching over you..

- Man Enters Cosmos..
- Nuclear Energy..

In 1951, Henry Moore turned down knightship, because he didn't think it was fitting for a working-class Yorkshire lad. He spent most of his life in modest cottage in Perry Green, Hertfordshire..

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