Thursday, November 10, 2011

CTA Arts-in-Transit: California Station [Amor - by Christopher Tavares Silva]

By Chicago artist Christopher Tavares Silva..
November, 2004..
Location: CTA Station: California [Pink Line]
As a part of CTA Arts-in-Transit Program..
Where CTA is Chicago Transit Authority..

The CTA website describs it as..
The circular flight of birds from heart to heart suggests the passing of love from person to person and place to place, as well as the coming and going of passengers. The migration of birds from clear to rainy skies symbolically endorses the virtues of promoting love through times of both happiness and hardship.

Chicago artist Christopher Tavares Silva started out as a street artist and has become an important painter and muralist in Chicago. He has work in the City of Chicago Public Art Collection and has been a long time member of the Chicago Public Art Group. The imagery of birds is a continuous symbol that Silva uses in both his public and studio work..

CTA Public Art..

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