Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LSE: 2010 [“...Got Those Ole Penetrat’n Chicago Blues” - by Charles Yost]

“...Got Those Ole Penetrat’n Chicago Blues”
by Charles Yost..
Description: 8’ x 10’ x 20’ / Aluminum with Powder Coat Paint..
Location: Clark and Lincoln..
Sponsor: Old Town Triangle Association..
A part of Lakefront Sculpture International..

From the offcial Lakefront Sculpture International website..
Yost, who studied sculpture at the Art Institute of Chicago and Northern Illinois University, has sculptures displayed throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. He claims “...Got those Ole Penetrat’n Chicago Blues” is a “georganimetric” concept, a claim that sounds bazaar at first yet becomes surprisingly clear upon viewing the sculpture.

The work embodies both geometric and organic elements, a combination that makes it an aesthetic treasure for green spaces. The wavy, organic shapes juxtapose with the harder edged form and complement each other. “...Got those Ole” is a piece that aches for viewer interaction, resting on its plot like a puzzle with no single solution the piece is set in motion by the viewer...

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